One word: AH-MAY-SEEN!!!! By far one of the the most fun races out there. One of the beauties of this race is the fact that it is a crazy course at an odd distance, so no since of time goals. I did this race for me and to have fun, and that is exactly what I had, FUN! First off, no warm-up possible for this race. This is a jump in frigid water and go. There is no turn buoy, a point to point swim with no markers other than the shore. Once your body gets over the fact it is 52 degrees, and the fastest way to warm up is swim, you actually kind of enjoy the swim. It also helps when you are in the amazing DeSoto T1 Black Pearl wetsuit, my new favorite swim toy. The course is so much fun if you know how to swim with current. I came out of the water happy with my swim and was ready for my real challenge.

T1 is actually T1/2, in which you change into running gear so that you can get to your bike. This is actually good as it allows your body to warm up before the punishing hills for the bike. The bike was so beautiful with the ridiculously beautiful views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Pacific Ocean and the parks and houses that make up San Francisco. I definitely kept the bike easy and didn't push it too hard. This allowed me to be fresh and ready for the crazy run.

This run is almost all trail running, including about a quarter of the run involving stairs. The course was wet and muddy but completely fun. If you do this race, the sand ladder is not the worst part, it's the 1/2 mile run in deep sand before the sand ladder. But, after those two major hurdles, it's basically easy sailing to the finish line 3.5 miles away. I finished this race super strong and with plenty of energy to spare. No stomach issues for this race, only the feeling of I am not an Escapee, and it feels so good!!!!

6/13/2011 11:40:21 am

Makes me want to participate! Plus, I looooooove SF!


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