Welcome to the final triathlon of my 2011 season. This triathlon was a challenge to say the least; choppy waters, storm force winds, and a race that would never seem to end. This race took every bit of mental and physical fortitude that I possessed. This triathlon was also to be my redemption from last year's fiasco.

The morning started with bitter rain mixed with winds well over 20 MPH. Rumors were floating that the race may be canceled but not for us. As the start approached, the rain began to dissipate and the winds lessened. However, us 30-34 age groupers had to wait over an hour from the official start to being our waves. That's right, I was in the second to last wave. The swim ended up not being as bad as I feared, but was still more challenging than anyone wanted. I came out of the water ready for the bike...or so I thought.

When I reached my bike, the transition area was basically a mud pit and my bike was a wet mess. No time to think, it's time for this bike. As I made my way through downtown Miami, it was becoming evident that the bike was not going to be pleasant. The streets were extremely slippery and it was evident that the triathletes ahead of me had eaten more than their fair share of asphalt. We even had to cross train tracks and I personally saw more than one cyclist fall in front of me. As we left the protection of the buildings, the wind became almost unbearable. I struggled just to keep moving and the wind just kept getting work as the minutes passed. It took every ounce of energy in my body to get me back to transition, but back to transition I did make.  This of course left me spent for the run.

The run was brutal, but luckily not has brutal as the bike. The clouds were protecting us from the sun. It was evident this race was going to be the test for my stomach. Would I have the same issues on the run as I did in New Orleans? The first loop of the run course passed and I was still moving and all my liquids and food were still in my stomach. I made the 9 mile mark and I started to feel my body. The liquids were still in my body but my stomach began to feel uneasy. I only had a 5K to go, so mentally I just had to force my body to move. As I got to the arena, I knew I could make it; however, I saw a man who was clearly in a very bad place. My body was so weak I feared I would go to his place, but the man began to collapse and I was the closest person to him. The man fell into my arms as spectators rushed over. I was able to hold the man long enough for someone else to take him. The man clearly was not happy I got him and people were helping him. This man was clearly willing to force himself to complete this race even if it mean doing the Sian Welch & Wendy Ingraham Crawl. If this same can do it, I sure as hell can do it. With ever bit of fight left in me I forced myself to the finish. This truly was an achievement for me given all the issues I have had with the distance. This was my first full 70.3, no weather course changes or medical emergencies. That being said, I am definitely down with 70.3s for awhile.

I have decided to focus only on sprints and intermediates for awhile. This decision is partly the distance and partly the race organizers. I have not had great interactions with WTC and so I have decided it is time we part ways. Thanks for the memories and we shall see each other in a couple years.

2/13/2012 09:37:26 am

Sounds like quite a race day. I can't believe someone collapsed into you. That's insane! 70.3, insanity. Congratulations!


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