This was a race that definitely pushed me to the limit. The swim was canceled due to high waves. Being as I train in Miami, I thought the waves were small, but as always safety first! Thus, we no longer had a triathlon, we had a duathlon.

The bike began with a nice ride out to the first turn around. As I made the turn, I hit a wall of wind, wind that was 25 MPH. This wind kept challenging me and the rest of my fellow triathletes for the next ~25 miles. I made sure to follow my coach's race plan for me and not over exert myself. I came off the bike refreshed and ready to hammer out the half marathon.

The run began with me feeling so good I had to pull myself back hard. I needed to stick with the race plan. I was rocking the run until I hit mile 7.5, then came my arch-nemesis, vomiting. The next 6.6 miles were nothing but pure torture. I refused to give up and through sheer will power I finished the race.  After consultation with my docs we think we figured out my problem and after my next endurance race I will let you know if it worked.

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