I don’t know about you, but I am the kind of person that likes a routine but can quickly get bored. Because of this, I like to mix up not only my workouts but my races.  Luckily for me, Miami Beach hosted two great Urban Adventure races earlier this year.  Also luckily for me, I have crazy teammates who did not think twice about joining me for these races. 

For those who do not know what an Urban Adventure race is, think of a riddle scavenger hunt through the city.  We were required to answer riddles on history and facts about Miami Beach, both fictional and non-fictional, and then run to those locations to take pictures or conqueror challenges.  This type of race is great for stimulating the mind and performing basically a fartlek workout.  Crazily enough, for one of the races my time and I did a 5K race before the adventure race, but that day was a blast!

A few ideas if you are going to take part in an Urban Adventure race: make sure you have a smart phone for both researching and phoning a friend; have a team that gets along very well and loves to have fun; and of course proper gear is a must.  These races can last three hours and in South Florida hydration is important.  Also, you need shorts that will be able to handle the race and I love my DeSoto Sport Tuesday Run shorts.  The pockets can handle papers and Gu’s and when all is said and done these shorts look great hanging out by the pool for a post race celebration, especially when you win the race. Don’t forget that comfort will help you race fast and fun. 

8/26/2012 01:20:19 am

I thought this race was the coolest thing ever and you guys looked like you had a GREAT time!


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