How do you spice up your training and racing? Do an obstacle course 5K trail run. This seems that something completely off the wall, but totally fun! When I arrived at the course, Robert looked at me and said you are in so much trouble. As anyone can a test to, I have little to no upper body strength. The final 100 meters of the course involved obstacles for the upper body, see picture. That's ok, he just added fuel to my fire to finish this race.

The race started with a short run to a small creek we had cross, thank goodness for my DeSoto Tuesday Running Shorts. They can in handy with the water. Next was a run to a spiderweb to traverse. Another short run led us to a 100 meter swim to the other side of this body of water. Then another lengthy trail run that involved a log cross over a creek and a repel down a hill before we had to swim 100 meters back across the water.

A short run brought us to the final obstacles. The first one was the rope climb, let's just say this wasn't easy for me at all, but I showed Robert who owned this course! After that was the Tarzan swing, which led into the log crawl. This log was way too high for me and required some clever trouble shooting. Afterward was another spiderweb, crawl, and finally the lava run. I finished the 5K in 17th place overall for the solo racers, 5th in my age group. I recommend these types of races for anyone looking to spice of the monotony of normal racing and training, it will add some vigor to your training.

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