Green Triathlete, Myth Or Reality? - TriCraig - The Adventures of an Amateur Triathlete
As an earth conscious consumer in a sport that can be anything but eco-friendly, I try to buy products that are made close to where I live and with as little of an impact to the earth as possible. But, can you do this with triathlon gear? I recently was stoked to find out that DeSoto Sport has converted its wetsuits, which I think I the best out there, to be petroleum free! WHAT? A wetsuit that is petroleum free? Yep. 

So apparently the wetsuits are made with limestone instead of petroleum. The technology used is called GreenGoma. The technology increases stretch, buoyancy, durability, and insulation. If you are in the market for a wetsuit as we move into the latter parts of the season, want the best wetsuit on the market, and to be able to call yourself green, I recommend checking out DeSoto's wetsuit line with GreenGoma. (

What other products on the market do you know of that are green and/or made in the USA? Join the conversation @ 

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