In order to live in Miami you have to be able to take the heat in the kitchen, no if, ands, or buts. As a person who is susceptible to heat, I know a thing or two about this horrible thing called heat exhaustion. I have a few tips in order to beat the heat for training, which of course will help you beat your PR.


The easiest thing to do is train in the morning before the sun can do its dirty work. Unfortunately, this is not always an option. So while you may have planed for that awesome 16 x 200/200 track workout, be prepared to alter that workout just a bit. By altering it, I mean either keep the pace you were planning to do or shorten the workout. There is no shame in shortening that 16 x 200/200 to 10 x 200/200 when the temperature is getting to 95 degrees.

No matter when and how you train, you must always stay hydrated. Water is not enough when you are sweating pounds off in one workout. In order to fight the electrolyte lost, I like to use low calorie sports drinks. This way I keep the electrolytes in, but the unwanted pounds off.

Remember to not only train hard, but train smart. I am also going to contradict my favorite commercial: DON’T Stay Thirsty My Friends!

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