The hardest thing for me when traveling is getting a consistent workout in. This past May I spent four weeks in Australia and New Zealand for work, which of course meant I was not going to have my usual training schedule for swimming, biking, and running.  For my first city I was only able to run, but I made the most by sight seeing the city and getting in some much needed hill runs, which of course I get none of in Miami.  For my week stay in Sydney, I was fortunate enough to have a decent gym in the hotel and mixed my workouts between runs around the absolutely stunning Sydney Harbour and spinning on the bike in the hotel gym.  In my first city in New Zealand I looked and found that the city had a great gym with an Olympic size pool and spin classes.  I made the most of this and got some good brick workouts in.  Of course you have to balance this with making sure to stop and see the amazing sites you are privilege to have around you.  I found that while my swimming did suffer from my trip, my running definitely improved.  When I returned to my amazing training group, I found that my running had actually improved, of course I credit this to all those hills.

Note, it is important to pack wisely for traveling.  I always travel with my DeSoto Tuesday Running shorts.  These shorts are multipurpose, running and lounging.  I love that I can use these shorts for my runs and for the pool/hot tub after the runs. These shorts are a must for those of us that need multifunction, and reliable,

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