As we all know, triathlons are extremely expensive.  One of the pocket draining cost is apparel.  I have spent way more money on apparel then I care to admit.  However, I have found one way to save money, buy quality gear that has an excellent warranty, even years later.  One company that offers just such a guarantee is DeSoto Sport.

After 7 years of constant training, I finally tore the seam in my DeSoto wetsuit and tore the seam on my Riviera shorts; I’m not going to rule out it was due to a few extra pounds, it’s tough being a triathlete and a foodie.  I emailed the good folks at customer service and they immediately got me set up to send my gear back in to be fixed at no cost.  The fact that I have been able to use these products religiously for 7 years, get them fixed for free, and then continue to use them religiously means I have gotten well worth my money in this gear.

I haven’t even gone into how DeSoto’s apparel is stylish years later.  Because as we know, it’s not how you feel, it’s how you look.  So, if you want to cut the amount of money flying out of your pocket for triathlons make sure you buy quality apparel, but also make sure that apparel comes with an excellent warranty.

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